Pleiades Gateway Retreat May 18 -21 in the

1:44 Alcyone Portal, Yucca Valley, CA

Join us for Xi Earthstar’s four day online Pleiades Gateway Ceremony shown on a large monitor and surround sound system in the 1:44 Alcyone Portal in Yucca Valley CA, May 18-21 (click link below for all details of event):

You can rent one of the three bedrooms in the Hi Desert Central Airbnb house on the property for $444 (click link below for details and photos of house):

Or camp out in tents, van or RV on the property for $222.
These prices include the Pleiades Gateway Ceremony, which is $222 by itself, so this is a great deal!
We will cook group meals in the house and have access to the hot tub, and go on hikes in the boulders at Boulder Gardens:

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 11 am on Tuesday May 18, the event starts at 4 pm that day and goes to around sunset on May 21. We have to clear out of the house by noon on the 21st as there are Airbnb guests arriving that evening in the house. The ceremony takes place in the Alcyone Portal. Although it’s possible to camp the night of the 21st, I’m asking if people can, to leave after the event ends the evening of the 21st.

The address is 7838 Joshua Ln, Yucca Valley, CA 92284, you need to drive to the back of the house, as the house is rented as an Airbnb. I live behind the garage and the Portals are all set up in the backyard.

Please email or call me to reserve your place.


917 208 8053

The schedule for Xi’s Pleiades Gateway:

May 18
3pm Stargate Opening Ceremony
4pm Divinity, Sex & Trauma Workshop
How are Sex, Divinity and Trauma all relevant in the life of humanity on Earth, and how do these themes make or break our Mission as a Starseed? In this workshop we take a deep dive into draco-reptilian wars, galactic genetic experimentation, and the evil forces on Earth which has distorted our understanding of sexuality for their profit…

May 19
3pm Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Workshop

This workshop is about all the different dimensions inside which sexual trauma thus creational level trauma exist. From astral abductions, to past life spiritual wars, curses and soul binds, to MK ultra frequency mind control, we address all levels of distortion

5pm Full Spectrum Sexual Healing & Creative Reclamation Ceremony
This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

May 20
3pm Original Codes of Creation Workshop<
This oracle healing ceremony addresses all the different dimensions of sexual trauma thus creational level trauma which hinders our sovereign creativity from being realized.

5pm Original Codes of Creation Activation
This oracle ceremony brings in the frequencies of the original codes of creation to imprint and restore the multidimensional light body to its original divine creation capabilities

May 21
5pm Timeline Lightweaving Ceremony
This oracle ceremony activates our access to a Pleiadian quantum light technology, and guides and directs our collective activated energy to the creation of higher timelines for all of humanity

There will also be an Ormus making ceremony led in person by Jeremy Burr one day:
Join us as we gather Ormus, a material anchor, and container for galactic energy. We will hold love and planetary healing in our hearts, as we learn about the process of anchoring these cosmic portal energies into matter, how to use Ormus, and at the end everyone will take home your own Star Medicine!

The hot tub under the Joshua Tree along with the fire pit in the enclosed patio will be available during the retreat, as well as all the other Portal installations in the yard including the OctaPortal.