Pleiades Gateway Ceremony Retreat Nov. 18-21

1:44 Alcyone Portal, Yucca Valley, CA

Join us for Xi Earthstar’s three day online Pleiades Gateway Ceremony shown on a large monitor and surround sound system in the 1:44 Alcyone Portal in Yucca Valley CA, Nov. 19-21 (click link below for all details of event):

You can rent one of the three bedrooms that sleeps two from Nov. 18 -Nov. 22 in the Hi Desert Central Airbnb house on the property for $444 (click link below for details and photos of house):

Or camp out in a van or RV on the property for $222.
These prices include the Pleiades Gateway Ceremony, which is $222 by itself, so this is a great deal!
We will cook group meals in the house and have access to the hot tub, outdoor shower and fire pit (see photos below)

You are welcome to arrive anytime after noon on Thursday Nov. 18, the event starts at 11 am PST Friday Nov. 19 day and goes to 7 pm Sunday Nov. 21. Its possible to stay over that night and leave on Monday Nov. 22. The day time ceremonies take place in the Alcyone Portal and the evening sessions in side the house.

The address is 7838 Joshua Ln, Yucca Valley, CA 92284 (click for map).

I live behind the garage in the back of the property and the Portals are all set up in the backyard.

Please email or call me to reserve your place.


917 208 8053


The schedule for Xi’s Pleiades Gateway:

Friday Nov. 19

11 am – 12:30pm PST       Workshop #1 – The Starseed Mission: A MultiDimensional Briefing

A thorough dissertation on the Starseed Mission, from the Christos Realignment Mission, to assisting humanity in reclaiming original intent, to creating the Golden Age. Includes relevant parts of Galactic-Cosmic History & the Influence of Planetary Distortions.

2 – 3:30pm PST       Workshop #2 – The Earth Self & True Soul Embodiment

A break down of the different possible traumas and distortions hindering correct Incarnation; Incarnational sciences; timeline healing, personality splinters, soul loss and fragmentation, frozen miasmas.

5 -7pm PST        Oracle Ceremony #1 – Shadow Body Restoration

Clearing out-dated personality structures, out-dated thought patterns and beliefs, childhood time-coordinates of wounding, sexual distortions, parental wounding, subtle awareness trauma, childhood astral manipulation and trauma, open wormholes to negative realms and entities, soul retrieval of fragmented aspects

Saturday Nov. 20

11 am – 12:30pm PST       Workshop #3 – The Lower 3 Chakras & Tools of MultiDimensional Healing

Common Distortions of the Lower 3 Chakras and traumas of the false matrix.  Tools and processes on Self Healing and Restoring the Lower 3 Chakras, and fragmented aspects of Self.  Aligning fragmented soul aspects which hinder growth and higher self embodiment.

2 – 3:30pm PST       Workshop #4 – Multidimensional Anatomy & Artificial Seals and Implants

An introduction on the existence of artificial seals (j-seals, zeta, etc) where they came from and why it’s important to remove them on a personal and planetary level.  How these seals influence planetary collective consciousness, and how to remove them and maintain our lightbody.

5 -7pm PST       Oracle Ceremony #2 – Lightbody Restoration & Advanced Lightbody Activation

Clearing: all 7 j-seals, zeta seal, and templar seals, heiros-gamos blockers, reversal current implants, and to connect participants to 12-15D+ dimensional frequency aspects of our Self and the universal time-matrix (the “Source Field”)

Sunday Nov. 21

11 am – 12:30pm PST       Workshop #5 – Devotion & the Path of Mastery

Cultivating virtues and traits of Ascending Mastery and walking the path of devotion.  This is a direct transmission on virtues such as Devotion, Patience, Diligence, Humility, and Courage

2 – 3:30pm PST        Workshop #6 -Our Highest Self, Galactic Team & Multidimensional Anatomy

A breakdown of our lightbody’s anatomy, how to run high frequency creator level currents for healing and upleveling our Self, Reality and Collective, meeting and working with our angelic-galactic team

5 -7pm PST         Oracle Ceremony #3 – Mastery 12D DNA Activation

DNA Activation Ceremony focusing on bringing in our higher dimensional Selves & angelic-galactic Team, the experience of accessing higher dimensional aspects of our self through the transharmonic stargate, activating our 12D DNA-consciousness structures; activating Divine Love, Wisdom & Power & anchoring the highest timeline.

The hot tub under the Joshua Tree along with the fire pit in the enclosed patio will be available during the retreat, as well as all the other Portal installations in the yard including the OctaPortal.