The book

Portal to the New Earth book is a comprehensive overview of  how the universe operates and how to utilize this information to help catalyze an evolution of consciousness so that all of humanity will live in sacred harmony with all of life and the Earth.

It covers everything from the underlying principles of sound, sacred geometry and grid energies utilized in the designs of the interactive Portal installations that have been built for Burning Man since 2004 to concepts and visions of future environments that are ecologically integrated with nature.

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In his debut book, Portal to the New Earth: Sound, Sacred Geometry and Grid Energies for Personal and Planetary Transformation, designer and large-scale “Portal installation artist” Harlan Emil Gruber fuses the growing markets of self-transformation, spiritual science, and ancient history with eco-architecture, sustainability, and urban design, offering a comprehensive vision to a wide-ranging audience.

This book appeals not only to designers, architects, sound engineers, and academics, but also to the global Burning Man community and those who have been fascinated by the art and culture of the festival.

Developed through his lifelong research, Harlan Emil provides deep-rooted visions on how we can live in accord with nature to create a sacred and beautiful world for all humans to live abundantly. Lavishly illustrated with photos and diagrams, Portal to the New Earth is both a feast for the mind as well as the eyes.

Sound: The Cornerstone of Creation

We explore everything from the role of sound in creating the entire universe.

The Three-Dimensional Order of Space

Platonic solids and intermediary shapes, including the 64-tetrahedron grid.

The Earth’s Multidimensional Energy Body

Ancient megalithic sites and the Earth’s evoloving geometric energy grid.

The Portals: Shift to the 5th Dimension

Interactive environments intended to facilitate an evolution of consciousness.

Synergetics and the Design Science Revolution

Geodesic dome inventor and design scientist R. Buckminster Fuller.

Arcology: 3-Dimensional Megastructure Cities

Paolo Soleri’s influence on the design of future environments.

Evolutionary Visions: Nature as a Basis for Design

Visionary design projects integrated harmoniously with nature.

The Twelve Spiral City: A Multi-Dimensional City of the Future

An original Arcology design based on a sacred geometrical plan.

TerrAquaforming: Creating an Earth to Benefit All Life

Integrating land and water into environments in a life-enhancing way.

Book Excerpt

In today’s rapidly accelerating information age, we have acquired a new level of interconnection that allows us to share visionary ideas, concepts, and resources at an unprecedented rate. As we emerge through a world-wide portal of transition, we bring in, and benefit from, all the elements of who we are, individually, and collectively as a society. This is how the universe works – a vast, multi-layered organism that is greater than the sum of its parts. Synthesizing our unique gifts, we come together to build a bold meta-vision that has never before been realized on the planet. In this time of great crisis, enormous synergetic opportunities become available to all who hear the call. Although we often don’t fully acknowledge it, humans wield an incredible creative force in the shaping of reality. As divine beings in 3-D form, we each bring forth immense talents, perspective, and catalytic energy to birth into being the new world that is possible.

We often take for granted how our world is completely dominated by human ingenuity, invention, and design. Over the last century, the automobile has completely altered the way we travel, transport goods, socialize, and develop our towns and cities. The current designs of our houses, appliances, and amenities have utterly changed how we experience our daily reality, and civilization as a whole. In the last few decades, we have witnessed the advent of ubiquitous computers connected through the internet, and the ultimate “complexity miniaturization” device, the smart phone with its ability to do so many things.

It is important to make a distinction between the path of human-centered technology and that of nature, between technology from the head or biotechnology from the heart. The former leads us down a dystopian path of machine-based transhumanism and scarcity to a Terminator-like world, while the heart-centered path is aligned with the regenerative and abundant biologic and organic principles employed naturally throughout the universe. We are currently at a moment of intense challenge and enormous change. It is up to each one of us to come together from the heart to play our synergetic role to create a New Earth of Love and Light.