New Earth Village Immersion

Join us in creating a conscious community
Portal to the New Earth: Village Building Immersion

The 2018 Event is not Scheduledd at this time

Thirty participants will join world class instructors on the land for 3 beautiful days to study integral permaculture practices, build our practical skills, attend workshops on social permaculture and living within intentional community, build structures, composting toilets and share in ceremony and song circles. Fully catered with delicious vegan food. Our goal is to create access by making highest level education available to our community in the most affordable way, tickets are only $180. If you resonate with the land and its guardians there is exciting talk of a special invitation to remain on the land to expand upon the frameworks that already exist here and put village living into action!

The relationships, skills, projects and healing that will be begun here will carry us forward as we step back into the outside world. Creating events that the infrastructure doesn’t have to be taken down and the people don’t have to leave. And if they do they are taking with them valuable new skills and tools to live a more self reliant, sustainable compassionate life- inspiring others to do the same through your example. Here is the place to gather with those who hold that same healing intention. Here we are a group of leaders and creators gathering to play and dream and actualize together.

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