What to bring

Be prepared for hot days and cold nights. Flashlight, hiking shoes, tent & sleeping bag, chair or cushion for seating at workshops, plates bowls, cups and eating utensils. Breakfast and Dinner will be provided and there is plenty of drinking water available, but bring food for lunch and snacks. This is an alcohol and drug free event.


Be prepared to camp in a cool desert environment. It is possible to sleep outdoors without a tent. Car and RV camping are available. There is an Air BnB nearby available for before, during or after the event called High Desert Eden (here is the AirBnB website to book it) and one in Yucca Valley owned by my good friend Neysa called Heartspace Hacienda (click for Air BnB page)

Leave No Trace

This is a leave no trace behind event. There are no trash cans or recycling bins so be prepared to take all of your refuse with you


Garth’s Boulder Gardens, Gods Way Love Road, Yucca Valley, Ca

Coordinates: 34.212979, -116.556662

Take 29 Palms Hwy 62 to center of Yucca Valley. Turn left (north) on Old Woman Springs Road Route 247 5 miles. Turn left (west) on Pipes Canyon Rd 4.2 miles. Turn right (north) on Gamma Gulch 2 miles. Turn left (west) on Gods Way Love Road 1 mile enters Boulder Gardens.

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